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About Us

Fashion for overachievers.

Hey, my name is Dee Greene and I'm the founder of UNDETERRED. A little bit about my story...

  • My mother had me at the age of only sixteen
  • I've never met my biological father before
  • I grew up in an abusive environment as a kid
  • I moved out of my mom's house at the age of fourteen.

However, instead of using these setbacks as excuses to live an average life, I used them as fuel to create a life worth living. I then created UNDETERRED to inspire others to do the same.

At UNDETERRED, our main focus is to encourage you to never give up on running life's race. Instead of using your setbacks as excuses to quit, let our clothing be a reminder to persevere while others are giving up.

You are stronger than you know. Stay focused. You got this!!